A new revolutionary system to harness the POWER of the ocean

Bhagirata Drawing

A drawing of BHAGIRATA

The ocean has tremendous potential as it offers densest source of free energy in the form of waves or tidal currents.

Intense research led us to evolution of a new revolutionary system, BHAGIRATA. The system is scalable and can generate 100-1000 MWs or more of grid interactive power on 27x7 basis at over 80% of installed capacity, that too at an installation cost of about Rs. 5-5.5 crores/MW. This makes it an exceptionally good base load system.

Some preliminary experiments have been conducted a with specially designed composite hydraulic pump to imbibe the energy of the ocean aiming to lift water over 100 meters. However, during the experiments, it could only lift water to about 55m only.

A new design is being designed which can lift water to over 200m. We are looking for partners with an national/international presence to fabricate develop the system further and spread it across the world.