About Us

International Alternate Energy Trust is a registered trust created to spread the knowledge on alternate energy sources. It was founded by a small group of concerned persons led by Prof. Ashok Kundapur. At the present, activities are generally restricted to sharing the information through websites like www.solcooker.net, 'Compedium on solar cooker designs; on Solar Cooker International's WIKIA', and an article in UNESCO's Encyclopedia of Life Supporting Systems (EOLSS). Many other articles on alternate energy sources, booming population, etc. have appeared on these kinds of websites too.

In 2009, along with Dr Sudhir C. V., a proposal to evolve a world standard for testing and reporting on solar cooker was presented. Many scientists were considering the proposal seriously, although a final formula is yet to evolve.

The Trust has also launched several power point presentations like pollution caused by coal powered power plants, and methods to mitigate pollution, etc.

Of late, the founder is working on harnessing the energy of the ocean to generate pollution-free versatile power and is looking for active partners with international presence.