Late Prof Shivram P S.,

Who inspired me to write the first review on the subject

Ms Janet Alarcon of VITA

Mr Gopalakrishna G K of TERI

Who shared tons of information on the subject enabling me to compile the review.

I  acknowledge help of Dr. M C Shukla of TERI, New Delhi, for having recognized this work and published an abridged version in TIDE.  (TIDE., March 1998, 8-1, pp 1-37, )


I am grateful to Ms. Bev Blum, then Vice President, Solar Cooker International, USA., for encouraging me to upload this Review on WEB.


I also gratefully acknowledge help extended by Prof. Sureshramana Mayya, Department of Commerce, at MGM College for taking special interest in converting this paper into HTML format, and guiding me suitably to upload the same.








This site was launched in June 1999, since then over 75,000 interested persons have visited it. Many of them have spoken very high of it. The site has won me a,n acclaim as International Solar cooker Expert. I am ever grateful to them. Others have suggested changes which have been incorporated to the extent possible. New designs and works too have been added. But before one continues further, I request them to read this prologue.


This site has been written with inventors and cooker users, mostly women, in mind. Inventors would get a better idea, while the users can choose the design best suited for them. However, I regret to state that the task of selecting the best design would still be difficult for there are many a lacunae in presenting the design and its 'capapabilities' in a manner easily understandable by the user. Many a suggestions have been made, but not put into practice. In fact, I  was interested in establishing a Solar cooker laboratory where the old as well as new cookers can be tested and evaluated. This would have helped in improving the design of Solar cookers, and made them more popular. Any one who is reading this, can go ahead and establish a Solar cooker Testing laboratory.


There are over 4 to 5 billion people using fuel wood or Gas based cook stoves. Others who are using Electric or the new Induction cookers are also emiting green house gases. We need to reduce this, if we want to live on this planet with other organisms which are part of life on earth and are in fact, helping us free of cost to breath Oxygen and recycle thousands of compounds essential for our very survival.


Thus there is an urgent need to perfect solar cookers.


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